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Episode Title The Princess' Unwavering Choice
Kanji 姫の迷いなき選択
Romaji Hime no Mayoi Naki Sentaku
Release Date November 10, 2020 (JP)
March 29, 2021 (US)
Chapters 24, 29, 38
Episode Director Tatsuya Nokimori
Animation Director Hiroshi Tatezaki
Naoko Ise
Tomoya Hiratsuka
Takashi Ueno
Storyboard Artist Hiroyuki Shimazu
Screenplay Writer Michihiro Tsuchiya
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The Princess' Unwavering Choice (姫の迷いなき選択 Hime no Mayoi Naki Sentaku) is the sixth episode of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle.


While she was lying in bed, the princess spilled her glass of juice on her favorite sheets. "I have to wash my comforter immediately for a good night's sleep!" she says, and she begins her quest immediately by walking around in the castle. Meanwhile, the Demon King had gathered the ten guardians of the Demon King's Castle and held a countermeasure meeting to solve the problem of the lost heroes. The pro gimmick, Professor Gearbolt, who smiles wryly, reveals the existence of a secret weapon...[1]

Princess's Quest(s)[]

  • Sleep with a Clean Comforter (きれいな布団で眠る Kirei na futon de nemuru)
  • Keep Stomach Warm While Sleeping (おなかを冷やさずあったかく眠る Onaka wo hiyasazu attataku nemuru)

Character Appearances[]

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  1. Translation from JP summary on official website


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