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-Ghost Shroud-

~ Status ~
Kanji Name おばけふろしき
Romaji Name Obake Furoshiki
Race Demon/Inspirited Species
Age Varies
Gender Varies from each shroud
Hair Color None
Eyes Color Black
~ Family ~
Relatives Other Ghost Shrouds
~ Other ~
Chapter 2
Episode 1
Voice Actor Kōichi Sōma (Japanese)
Bryce Papenbrook (English)

Ghost Shroud (おばけふろしき Obake Furoshiki) is a demon of the inspirited species.


The Shrouds are generally nice, and they help out the others in the castle. They are only hostile when it comes to the Princess since she frequently decapitates them.


A white and soft cloth with cat-like eyes and sharp teeth. It's arms are nears its eyes.


"The ghost of a cloth that was never used because it put on airs for being made of superbly magnificent material."

"Covered with a beautiful aura, comfortable, and silky. It also captivated the Princess for being durable (during ordinary use)."

"Its head and arms are useless for the Princess, so there's a constant cycle of getting killed and then seeking revenge."

"It fights using constriction (It attacks by squeezing its enemies to death)."


Princess Syalis[]

The Princess frequently hunts down Ghost Shrouds for her bedding needs, and the Ghost Shrouds fear her because of this. Some shrouds are spiteful of her for the same reason.


Manga & Anime Appearances[]


  • Cloth Quality: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • Fortune: ☆☆
  • Former Worry: "Lack of presence."
  • Current Worry: "The Princess"



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