Sleepy Princess Wiki

~ Status ~
Kanji Name 睡魔
Romaji Name Suima
Race Demon
Birthday January 1
Gender Male
Height 188cm
Hair Color Silver
Eyes Color Pale Olive Green
~ Family ~
Friends Princess Syalis
Demon Cleric
~ Other ~
Episode 8
Voice Actor Shinichiro Miki and Robby Daymond (English dub)

Hypnos is a demon of the spirit species who must sleep 20 hours a day.


Hypnos will die if he does not sleep enough, so he is devoted to sleep search. He has been living in the Old Demon Castle since the days of the previous Demon King, but not because he has anything against the current regime, only because it's quieter than the New Demon Castle.

He is very happy now because his new disciple is putting the wisdom he has passed down to her to good use.


  • He has to sleep for 20 hours a day or he would die.
  • His name in Japanese 睡魔 Suima roughly translates to "Sleeper", relating to how he must sleep.