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-Queen Nemlis-

~ Status ~
Kanji Name カイミーン女王
Romaji Name Kaimīn Joō
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Wisteria/White
Eyes Color Royal Purple
~ Family ~
Relatives King Goodereste (Husband)
Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste (Daughter)
~ Other ~
Chapter 82
Episode 12
Voice Actor Saori Hayami (Japanese)
Elizabeth Maxwell (English)

Queen Nemlis (カイミーン女王 Kaimīn Joō) is Princess Syalis's mother. Her full name is Aurora Nem Lis Goodereste. She is the queen of the Unified Human Nation of Goodereste.


Though she may appear childish and like an air head much like her daughter upon first impressions, she is quite perceptive and understands the reality of situations.[1] According to the princess, she is "relatively sensible, a little quiet, and loves me, her daughter."[2]


She and her daughter bare a strong resemblance. She appears as a pale skinned lady with purple eyes, and, similarly to the Princess, she bears stars in her eyes that are signs of Goodereste royalty. She has long, straight white hair that fades into purple and is braided, with bangs that swoop down her forehead and a delicate silk dress. She also has long strips of dark purple lace falling from her slim white sleeves, and three yellow stars adorned with small purple curtains on her chest, again symbolising royalty.


  • Her voice actress also does the narration for the story.
  • Past Worry: Princess Syalis is not here
  • Current Worry: Princess Syalis is not here



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