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-Scissors Sorcerer-

~ Status ~
Kanji Name シザーマジシャン
Romaji Name Shizā Majishan
Race Demon
Birthday December 10
Gender Male
Height 198cm
Hair Color Blond
Eyes Color Unknown
~ Family ~
~ Other ~
Chapter 1
Episode 1
Voice Actor Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)
Kyle Igneczi (English)

Scissors Sorcerer (シザーマジシャン Shizā Majishan) (literally translated as Scissor Magician) is a scissors demon of the mechanical species.


He always appears cheerful.


He appears as a youthful young man with fair skin. He wears half a mask designed with a pink heart in place of the eye and a wide grin. He has long pointy ears and blond hair that covers his right eye. His right arm is made entirely of a bunch of wooden scissors with a wooden cord to keep them together.

He is typically seen wearing a green top hat with a red stair-shape design as well as a scissor-like ribbon. He wears a green tailcoat, a red scissor-like ribbon, and brown shoes.


Ever since the Scissors Sorcerer exchanged his scissors for her crown, he has been on relatively good terms with the princess.


  • The ribbons on his hat and collar also resemble scissors.
  • Mischievous: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • Harmonious: ☆☆☆



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