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-Demon King Twilight-

~ Status ~
Kanji Name 魔王タソガレ
Romaji Name Maō Tasogare
Race Demon
Age 60
Birthday June 6
Gender Male
Height 185 cm
Blood Type Unknown
Hair Color Green
Eyes Color Bronze
~ Family ~
Relatives Midnight (Father)
Poseidon (Adopted Older Brother)
Hades (Adopted Eldest Brother)
Friends Princess Syalis
Demon Cleric
Great Red Siberian
~ Other ~
Chapter 1
Episode 1
Like Streamed monster bird egg custard, game balance
Voice Actor Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese)
Alejandro Saab (English)

Twilight, the Demon King (魔王タソガレ Maō Tasogare) is the main antagonist of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle. He is the lord of the Demon Castle who kidnapped Princess Syalis. He claims to hold the greatest sway over the entire world, which is currently divided between humans and demons, but what he cares about most are event flags and game balance.


Twilight is shown to be very malevolent, but that's only on the outside, as in reality he is very worrywart.

He is always thinking of ways to lead Dawner the hero to him, and actually gets worried if the latter is going to be defeated; furthermore, he even lays weapons and tools to make the hero's quest easier.

Apart from that, he is a genuine leader for the demons residing in his castle; but even he cannot stand against Princess Syalis, and he is even shown to care for her to a certain point.

It's entirely possible Twilight is a moron. Given he wanted better relationships with humans, but kidnapped the princess, making things worse.


Twilight appears as a young man with tan skin and sharp brown eyes. His short hair starts off white and turns green as it goes down and his covers his left eye with his bangs. Some parts of his hair are significantly longer compared to the rest. He also has two black horns with a red tassel being hung on his left horn.

He is normally seen wearing a purple cape and white gloves. Underneath the cape, is a red gakuran with black cuffs that are gold accented, and what appears to be a goat skull is placed at the center as its horns wrap around the body of the blazer. He also wears black pants and silver armor boots. Some of his undershirt can be seen coming out from the gakuran.


Twilight kidnapped Syalis in her sleep, so he has hardly ever seen her awake and has never had a proper conversation with her. He has talked more often with Dawner the hero and his team than with her. The Demon King likes to drop by and check in on them every now and then.

His battle style is shrouded in mystery and apparently he changes shape when he gets serious.

Manga & Anime Appearances[]


  • Rank: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • Naivety: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • His favorite food is streamed monster bird egg custard.
  • His zodiac sign is a Gemini
  • His favorite thing is game balance.
  • Each Demon Lord is not born but spawned from the powers of the previous one.
  • His grandfather's name was Zero.
  • His great-grandfather's name was Pre-dawn.
  • He has several childish misconceptions : children break at the touch, your waist explodes if you leave the bath within 20 minutes etc.
  • He kept his child-like apperance until he was around 50 years old.
  • He was born at 6:06:06 in the morning.
    • This peculiar time is a likely reference to the Number of the Beast shown in the Book of Revelation: 666, emphasizing his nature as the leader of demonkind.
  • His horns can be shed and grown back.
  • Early in the series he comes to regret kidnapping the Princess, because of all the mayhem and destruction she causes the castle; he still regrets it because the Hero took four years to finally "rescue" her.



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